New Cracow Friendship Society, Inc. 

We are a non-profit international organization established in 1965. Our membership includes survivors and subsequent generations with Holocaust ancestral roots from Krakow, Poland and the pre-war Polish Galicia Regions. 

Consider joining our Society. Review information on this website and read our mission statement. Visit our membership page or contact us by e-mail for more details and further assistance. 

Please consider making a charitable donation*. Make a contribution to our welfare fund which goes to support survivors and others in need living in Krakow, Israel and the U.S. on a bimonthly basis or one time assistance.  Approximately half of our current income is used for our welfare fund.  

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*When making a donation or payment please provide instructions (ex. membership dues + donation, for the event on ________, donation to welfare, general fund, in honor or memory of _____, fee for ___). Please complete all contact information as well. 

Dear Members, 
Please contact us if we can be of assistance during this crisis, email :

* Acceptable spelling variations:  Cracow, Krakow, or Kraków

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