In 1965 the first priority for the thirteen founders was two fold: To sustain spiritual contact with the past and to insure a meaningful future. Thus programs were developed linking the need of remembering the past to projects that would benefit the poor, the underprivileged and the disabled.  This lead to the establishment of a “Living Memorial” for those who are no longer among the living.

In 1965, the Society established its by-laws, elected an Executive Board and Board of Directors, assigned committee chairs, and began planning  for the future. Subsequently,  a link with our sister organization in Israel, “The Irgun Yotzey Krakow” was formed, with whom we shared a common interest in the field of charity, philanthropy and remembrance.

In the aftermath of the 1967 war, the Society provided five fully equipped ambulances to the Mogen David Adom. Also in 1967, the Society published a hard covered Memorial Journal in Honor of Jews from Krakow who perished between 1939 - 1945. The first president of the Society, and founder, Steven Morrow wrote, " It is the aim of this Society begin a memorial book which will contain the names of martyrs and loved ones of our serve as a living memorial, for at present there is no marker or monument for them except the deep scars on our hearts."  The journal depicted the destruction of Jews from Cracow in Cracow itself, and secondly, covered the fate and misery of Jews in the aftermath. Underground Resistance Fighters form the Cracow Ghetto were memorialized in one chapter. 

In 1987 an International Reunion of Jewish Holocaust Survivors from Cracow held at the Konover Hotel in Miami Florida culminated with the commitment to establish a living memorial in memory of Cracow Jewry.  Two years later, in the auditorium of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Israel's War Veterans in Beit Halochem Tel Aviv, the dedication took place.  The dedication was to:  "The Everlasting Memory of the Jews of Cracow and Vicinity in Tribute of Their Legacy".

In 1990, to mark the 25th anniversary, the Society hosted a commemorative banquet, which culminated in the distribution of the “Silver Anniversary” Journal/book. The Journal was a tribute to the culture of Polish Jewry, which was dealt a fatal blow by the Nazis during the time of the Shoah. Hitler not only destroyed many priceless objects of Jewish culture such as books, invaluable manuscripts, masterpieces of art, paintings and sculptures, but he eradicated the infrastructure of Jewish behavior and Jewish every day habits. The purpose of the Journal was to leave a legacy for future generations, highlighting the past and the present. It depicts in short, the life of Polish Jewry in general and of the Jews from Cracow in particular, with special emphasis on the period between the two world wars. A large portion of the Journal paid tribute to the Survivors of the Holocaust, who despite their personal tragedies suffered during that dreadful period, have managed to rebuild their lives, establishing new roots, here and in Israel.

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the founding of our Society, we published “TO MILLENNIA OF GREAT JEWISH PERSONALITIES” a collection of forty-five abbreviated biographies of our great thinkers, philosophers and personalities. The book served as an introduction to the study of Jewish history from ancient through medieval times to to present.

Following our tradition of recreating our past we  published the biography of “Mordechai Gebirtig: His Poetic and Musical Legacy” which is a tribute to the genius of Mordechai Gebirtig, the carpenter-poet-composer of Cracow.  The book holds almost 100 of his songs, some with music in the original language that he wrote; Yiddish, transliterated and translated into the English language.  Future generations can view his songs and poems and learn the moral, religious and secular values that our ancestors embraced.

In the new Millennium, we recommitted ourselves to our Goals in two ways: Firstly to the State of Israel by  purchasing a fully equipped ambulance in May  2003, and secondly to continue sending increased financial assistance to those in need in both Cracow and Israel through our Welfare Fund. In 2005 we published our third Journal for second genration to honor their parents.  Then in 2015, we published a forth Journal to celebrate our 50th Anniversary and celebrate the fifty years of the  societies accomplichments.  These journals were distributed to our members and various archival institutions.   

The Society has purchased plots at Beth Moses Cemetery in Pinelawn, N.Y.. at three separate locations and erected large monuments to memorialize our lost families and all Cracow Jewry.  We can therefore provide members with cemetery plots if available. Yearly, we conduct memorial services at this location, and pay our respects to those members who have found their final resting place there. 

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